Monday, August 21, 2006

Welcome Aboard!

Charlie's Angels wannabe(s) especially the one on the left :P
fyi: the thingy on Leeza's shoulder is actually a "parrot"

Pirate wannabe(s)

They took this pic with my cam... WITHOUT ME!!! HMPH!

Elizabeth & mua

Ah FOO and I

WARNING: Do not be blided by the innocent face of Emily Wong!! :P

From left: Leeza, Liz, Amanda, Me, and Emily

Attention children, this is the perfect example of the CARNIVOROUS


Emily says this looks like my tounge :S

My darling Jo n me


~Leez~ said...

yerr!!! i look so retarded in the first pic!

-dot- said...

no comments! :P

dareNtiff said...

Haha ... u guys look like u were in a Carnival of who can be the most un-beautiful.

Or i could be mistaken, and its just a cell group session! :) hehehe