Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Hips Dont Lie-->

--> When they are tired, they just fall off! :P
Went to Mid V with my siao char bos to get a blazer n some fun we managed to get BOTH!!! hehehe... got a blazer that's so far the cheapest la RM 111 ;) BUT!!! then Jo called and we chatted.. and she say she got 2 blazers that she cant wear d n she would have given them to me... DOIK!!! (what's done is done) now my legs are jelly-fied!! but i'm veli happy!! cuz i got a bottle of orange nail polish. (will upload a pic after i paint my nails :D) and a hot pink hair band. tot of buying it from evita... but so EX!! Speaking of evita,, almost bought a clip which cud tie me hair into a pony tail and wont slip of my "silky" hair :P but it was RM 30++ altho it's a life time guarenteed thingy... but... takkan i wear the same clip 4 life meh?? so what if it's evita?? fuiyo!! my bro's gonna b so proud of me la (he always say i'm an impulsive buyer ><)

Oh ya... did i mention that we took bus, KTM n den LRT to get to MV?? wah!! all the public transportations in the world man!! Thanks to Sab we didnt get lost. To those of you that know the dot... she's terrible with directions lo... *blushes*

I shall go watch TV now. Tataz! GOd bless n Hugs!