Saturday, September 09, 2006

More Than Words

Pls ar... just in case some of you are wondering, i'm not stalking that guy in the pic! i was just taking a pic of the inflatable n he happened to b in the pic!

Ah... a castle for a princess like mua! wakakakakka :P
Look at the size of that thing! (it made emily look so tiny.. wakakkaka :P)

SEE!!! at this inflatable, 2 kids will be tied to an elastic band each, n they will have to run as fast n hard as they could n stick a rectangular thingy on the partition. The one that can stick it to the furthest wins lo! I tot such things could only be found in US, Nickalodeon!! (i cant remember it's spellin *blushes*)
Remember that i mentioned bout KIDS being strapped on to the elastic bands?? see these 2 "HEROES" of SS 18... aihz!

On the right, Hero no. 1, Mr. Tay J Sonn!!!

On the left, Hero no. 2, Mr. Daniel!!

Guess who won??

Ah... our pride n joy. Nice eh?? the magnificent work of Leonardo DOT Vinci :P and of course with the help (or should i say they did more work than i did :P) of Ms Jo Koo & Hero no. 1 himself Mr. Tay J Sonn