Friday, September 01, 2006

September Morning!

To those of you that wish to pamper... OopS! I meant show me some loves by showering me with gifts.. ere r some hints! *blushes* (i got this inspiration from Leeza :P)

Simple things that'll make me smile feeling loved:

  1. Mua Chi(s)
  2. A White Lady brithday cake (it's white choc... the secret recipe 1 does not count)
  3. My popo's dumplings (she's currently in Ipoh)
  4. Compilation of songs i like (which i dont have) *you go figure which ones k :P*
  5. A girlie slumber party.

Material goods (that will make me smile :D)

  1. Beauty & the Beast DVD
  2. Magic Moments CD
  3. Pen Drive with a cartoon skin
  4. Box of jigzaw puzzle- Puzzle World, Mid Valley
  5. Addition to my polkadot collection
  • Bag- Roxy*, Pyramid
  • Pencil box- Roxy*, Pyramid
  • Shoes- Top Shop8, Mid Valley

*I dont really mind the brands, as long as the dots look classy instead of la la ish :D (the brands stated above are just a guide la ;) )

Things to replace my old ones (which will also make me smile :P)

  1. New shades (my old 1... the lens cracked!! :'( )

Things which i would not wear (BUT will make me smile :) )

  1. Rainbow coloured cap- Four skin, Pyramid (the last time i went, it was no longer there)
  2. Polkadot bikini!!- Top Shop (Just another thing to add to my Polkadot collection :P)

Financially Challenging things (Would definitly make me smile in SHOCK! :O)

A car (the new Volkswagen Beetle is me dream car... but as for now, i'll settle for a Kelisa)

MY DREAM CAR! I prefer the normal one... convertible a bit the... weird i guess. But i lazy to go find other pics la :P

A new handphone (mine going crazy d!!)

Plain white gold necklace (Aunt promised she'll buy.. but... don't think she remembered :( )

DKNY Apple perfume (i dont know wat exactly is it called... *blushes* n i'm not sure if it smells nice... :S but i like the bottle! :D )

Rediculous Requests (just for fun! :P)

  1. 3 day 2 night stay with the Beckhams
  2. One month trip to Europe (fully paid 1 la... :P)
  3. A tiger/leopard cub that'll remain small & cute forever.
  4. A PORSCHE!!!
  5. Crazy Hours watch, the white 1. -Frank Muller Boutique/ Sincere Fine Watches, Suria KLCC
  6. IKEA bed with a slide attached to it.
  7. To live a day as a cartoon character

MOST OF ALL, the one thing that'll make me smile & tear...

To have my loved ones close to me forever


~Leez~ said...

is it just me or did you go forward into the future to write this post??


i'm scared.

do my tagging thing lah. it's in the post titled I love Swensens Ice Cream.

-dot- said...

tagging?? how to do?? hehehe... the amazing dot! dont mess :P

~Leez~ said...

as in copy paste the stuff i wrote... and write your stuff.



the thingy to hold the Cd in the album broke... when i opened it...


-dot- said...

Aiyo! y so fast break 1?? But do u like d Cd??

The copy n paste thhingy... wont it be too long 4 me post?? :S

the cHoCoLaTe pot~ said... squigglydot worm...haha~yue ask me to come and see otherwise i choi lei dou sor er...hehe`but i wil try my best to get u the

-dot- said...

hahaha! toy oso i like!! hehehe... i know my queen loves me!!! :P

~Leez~ said...

it's not so fast break woh... when i opened the cd it was broken dee.. sniff~

you just copy and paste the specific things lah... not the whole post..

o_O nevermind. you're exempted from the task then.

thanks for the birthday greetings.. and the cd.. jeheheh

hug hug kiss kiss

さやろん said...

woi..dun so terasala..but good idea hor..when's ur bday huh???hehhehe..tata..ur longlost fren

-dot- said...

aih... *shakes head* :P