Saturday, November 04, 2006


hehehe... i'd better start bloggin again... since it's by POPULAR demand! wakakakaka *blushes*

today.. i mean tonite.. after cell.. karen was so generous to treat us MAMAK!! yippee! (long time no go d..) So.. we went into elizabeth's car... and..

*picture this* 4 gals in 1 car.. 1 (me) sees a cockroach!!! (small 1 tho) starts screaming. 2nd gal (amanda) sees cockroach too!! screams along. two gals in front (emily and liz) joins the screaming frenzy even WITHOUT seeing the roach!! all 4 doors flung open as 4 gorgeous gals stepped out of the car gracefully *oops* got carried away.. wakakaka! but the four doors flung open la.. and we jumped out like... hmm... like any girl would after seeing a cockroach la :P

then came 2 of our heroes! the FOOs! hehehe.. Basil and Leeza!! according to leez, basil's afraid of roaches too! but somehow... he gathered his guts to check the car for us. HOWEVER... the cockroach was too fast for him. He couldnt catch it -.- oh well... at least he tried... unlike our hero wannabe! DANIEL! he walked towards our car when he saw us crowding outside the car.

Daniel: Why? what's wrong?
Amanda: Got cockroach in our car!!
Daniel: (turns around and walks back to nick's car)

aihz... MEN! :P

Thank goodness for camera phones cuz they have flashlights. So i turned mine on thru out our journey to the mamak shop. No sign of the roach. *phew*

At the mamak shop... hmm.. that's an entire different story by itself! :P

On our way home.. we gave the roach a name.. IT! hehehe... but there was still no sign of IT tho.. :( liz should keep IT as her pet! muahahahaha! *not funny* cuz i hate roaches! EEW!! :D