Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Somethings just dont change

tee hee... it's been awihle... again... :D but ppl bz ma... how to blog? :P


thru out these few weeks i have learnt something new. (about me of course) i've learnt that no matter how serious a situation maybe... i'll end up laughing or doing something silly. :D

i didnt notice it til yue told me that somehow i'll end up saying something funny. hehehe...
i never liked serious situations. Especially when it feels fake. u know.. when every1 tries to fake being professional??? it's like.. halo! we're only 18 la! why must be so strict on urself? if u flop... just smile n say sorry la. how hard is that rite??

and then... i also learnt something new today... some weird ppl like to frown alot! imagine urself giving a speech or doin ur presentation... then u see this person frowning n folding his/her arms.. how polite is that?? n wen u smile to lighten things up... they just stare back and frown! oh well! i think there are 2 possibilities why these weird ppl act in such a way. 1... they are having a bad day... 2... they are too shallow to understand wat the speaker is speaking. i prefer the latter explanation... MUAHAHAHAHA! *the evil queen prevails!* :P

oh ya! i need ur help on this... i plan to use this for me speech about drug addicts

i reached out to you but u brushed me away,
i pleaded for ur acceptance but u said NO WAY;
when will it be,
that u will love me?

is it ok?? :D


yue said...

long live the DOT! muahahahaha. i can never laugh like you no matter how hard i try. keke. this only proves that me=not evil.

weird ppl..person to be exact. bah! *vomits*

-dot- said...

hahaha! it's me trademark... wait... should i be proud of it?? :D

like i always say.. weird ppl do weird things... nvm.. we big ppl got big heart... we shall forgive her! :D

thecw said...

i reached out to you but u brushed me away.



-dot- said...

notti la u! :P


nielgoh said...

ya...its cool...use it...

-dot- said...

thanks! :)