Thursday, November 30, 2006


Last nite Joy told me bout a flasher by the bridge which i used to use every weekday. * i never knew the danger around me*

but u know wat?? i stopped using it for the past because i'm SO blessed to have ppl like JOEL to send me home!! ( n not forgetting Barney *just in case u still read me blog* :P)

Therefore... i wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to my faithful chauffeurs... i mean FRIENDS for fetching me home!! n tolerating my nonsense when i'm in the car.... tee hee! :P

And my wonderful fren that came all the way from Kota Kemuning to fetch me to coll n home sometimes... Ms tan yue mei! love ya! MUAX!

One day when i can FINALLY drive... SAFELY... hehehe... i promise to drive u guys around k!



extremeprofanity said...

ooo..flasher...dat i like! least now joel is sendin u bac no long as joel is not da flasher den ok d...kekekek

yue said...

you're most welcome sweetie =) i wouldnt want anything to happen to ze eveel queen. *winks*

-dot- said...

you are 1 sick chipmunk! :P

teehee! *hugs*

nielgoh said... told me bout it to..she reached college after it happened....

if it happens to you around college any1 of us...ppl hu are liveless like me alwiz around college wan...haha...