Monday, December 11, 2006

Ancient of Days pics

Due to the lagging-ness of my bro and the not so brightness of me... *blushes* ere are some pics that we took LONG LONG time ago.. somewhere in Oct i think :D

It was a food marathon cuz in the morning we went to Puchong for DIM SUM. I suggested Cheras... but everybody was lazy la.. n Puchong nearer. Sadly... no pics for that cuz my SMART bro left the cam in his bag which he left in the car... -.- aihz... like i always say... MEN! :P

Then went to visit me aunt in the Palace, Mines and not that we are jakuns.. but then see.. my popo aint that young anymore.. so must seize every opportunity to take pics with her rite???

My popo and her grandchildren. As u can see, i'm the BEST edition la! MUAHAHAHAH! (it's my blog.. hence i have the rights to SS! if u dont like... TOO BAD!! :P)

This is me SS niece. Guess the SS-ness runs in the family! She half a Tan. So yea.. i'm thankful the horse is made of iron. :P

LUNCH TIME!! We went to Kajang for satay! altho i sound excited.. Malaysian food is still not really my type. Working on it already!! ><

Oh ya! my coconut drink :D

Now... the entire family PIGGING away!! woohoo!!

Pig No. 1 --> Mr Adam Tan, me bro

Mama pig and Baby (it's an UNDERstatement) Pig --> me aunt and cousin

Like mother like daughter (*ahem!* only for the 2 generations before me ar... so it doesnt include me!!) --> my popo and my mom!

teehee! The marathon didnt end there. We had dinner in Asia Cafe. (the carbonara man forgot me!!! ARGH!! :P) and FINALLY, supper in Starbucks! (but but but i didnt eat anything there... full ma.. :D)

-The End-