Monday, December 11, 2006

For the Love of FOOD!!

it's one more day til my finals.. and wat have i been doing?? PIGGING!! *blushes*
on sat morning.. i woke up wondering why on earth did i agree to go to Ipoh when my finals will be on the coming TUESDAY!!!
(i was zombie-fied cuz i slept for 2 hours the nite before!! y??? cuz cell was to haps that my mind couldnt rest! p/s Jo: mext time dont play such exciting games ya... me heart cant take such excitement!! *blushes*)
Back to Sat morning... had to leave home at 8am!! *sobb sobb*

But the reason for me trip was answered when it was DINNER TIME!! See.. i went there to celebrate my mom's sister's mother-in-law's birthday... (so wu liao rite?? but i was INVITED k! :P)

The highlight of the nite was the GRILLED LAMB!! *slurps* It was GOOOOD!! y no pics?? cuz my Dory-ness lo.. i forgot to buy batts when i had the opportunity.. n my aunt wont take me to the shop cuz she was in a hurry :( anyways... i was a happy baby after the meal.

Then on Sun morning... oh wait! i had to sleep with my mom through out the nite on a SINGLE BED!! fuiyo!! sleeping was never that hard!! n they woke me up at 9!! and again... i was ZOMBIE-FIED!!! aihz...

Supposed to go for Dim Sum.. BUT!! my dad wanted to eat those fried stuffs... so...

pic taken for me Queen Sab!! she likes prawn mee... i dunno y... :P

^the other bowl is curry laksa.. wanted to take a pic too for u to make u food lovers hate me.. *Muahahahaha!* but it didnt look as appetizing.. so i didnt take lo :P

As i said.. i wanted Dim Sum... so my mommy went to ta pau Dim Sum for me!! We usually eat ere. Look at the people waiting to go in!! it's MADNESS i tell u!!

While waiting for my aunt and mom, wat's a girl with a camera in her hands to do?? CAM WHORE!! :P

Now where's the fun in cam whoring alone eh?? Hence, i got me dad and popo to cam whore along!! *muahahahaha*


~Leez~ said...

my mouth actually watered when i saw the prawn mee.


i miss malaysian foooood!!!!!

no chili sauce in restaurants here, just ketchup. :(

-dot- said...

doik!! give me ur address there! i courier to u!! wakakakaka *sayang* how many more weeks til u come back ar?? wait... stop thinkin bout malaysia!! enjoy urself there!! -.-