Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The continuation of me Ipoh Trip...

Told ya i managed to PERSUADE them... teehee!

This is where my kong kong stays

And this is for u bandar kids that have never seen CHICKENS!! :P

Each time i go there.. i must take a pic with them. like i said in my previous post... they are getting old each day :(

my momma n i!! ppl keep saying that we look alike... hmm... wat day u?? (choose ur words WISELY)

This is a fruit juice that is found ONLY in ipoh ( i think :P) it's called "sa lei" in cantonese. Direct translation for bananas.... *cough* enoch *cough* :P it's SAND PEAR! :P

MORE FOOD!! (it is Ipoh afterall...) This was lunch. But i didnt eat. (DONT scold) i had breakfast at 9... which was 1 bowl of CURRY LAKSA!! then this lunch thingy was at 12!!! so how to eat le?? :P

Then it was the jouney back to CIVILIZATION!!! muahahaha! :P


Anonymous said...

ooo. what drink is that? looks funny in a good way. *winks. your grandparents are uber cute! oh yeah... you and your mummy look alike! (:

-dot- said...

*cough* alike meh?? :P the drink's a lil salty n sour.. like the lime thingy in the coffee shops ere. yup yup! i'm blessed to have them! :D

bunnyjo said...

*cough* ...joann....*cough*


me banana too!!

looks like you had a good trip...
see ya soon. you'll be spending a torturous 3 days with me... at the retreat....muahahahahahahahahahaha

ahem... now back to studying....sigh...

-dot- said...

hahaha! wait.. u sure i'll be the one tortured?? *this aint a threat.. just a confession...* u know me singing skills 1 la.. wen i shower.. i like sing!! woohoo!! :P

all the best girl!! (in ur exams i mean :D)