Saturday, December 23, 2006

He's Finally Learnt to LOVE

This morning i woke up with a dizzy spell... (have been having it for the past few days... but minor ones only la..) i was so afraid to get out of bed.. had a bad experience few months back... so i prayed! i told God.. NOT NOW!! cant afford to feel dizzy.. got lots to do n lots are happening!! CHRISTMAS!! COLLEGE RETREAT!! i'm soO excited!!

Thank God He answers prayers!! I'm ok now! but must jaga me self... cuz i dont wanna lie in bed n miss all the FUN! it's supplementary food time.. *boohoo*... :(

anyways... i got up.. watched tv.. no more cartoon cuz it was 12.30! la la la :P so i decided to watch BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!! my lovely fren Sab borrowed me her vcd (miss u gal!).. i have the video tape version.. ancient of days i tell u! :D

As i watched... memories of me being a kid.. n my cartoons senses awaken!! I felt so LOVES!! :D

Why must disney do CGI?? aiyo... cant they stick to animated drawings.. wateva u call it.. :P
Now.. it's like the richness in Disney movies are SUCKED out! :(

The Beast learnt to love.. n in returned.. he was LOVED

... and they lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER... :)


Mr. Right (i Hope) said... cute...Beauty and Te Beast =p

-dot- said...

haha! would u wanna disclose ur identity??

mr.Right (i hope) said...

I would but it would be nice if u could search the brain archive and pick me put =p

hint : Friends + stalker (joking only =p)

-dot- said...

Hmm.. so far i've not met my Mr.Right yet.. so how m i supposed to recall?

and ur hint is so general... :P

Mr. Right (i Hope) said...

You havent met me yet cuz i was Mr.Left that time. I am not there when u need me the most but i am there when your rage is sky high.And my name remains anonymous.

Today you will not know who i am,
On a Christmas might be the day,
No need to feel or guess who i am,
You will meet me on one fine day.

JoeL said...

goodness..DOT n mr right..not bad..haha..learn to love and be

-dot- said...

mr.right (wannabe)>
FUIYO!! suspense to the max! n then ar.. when my rage was SKY HIGH?? hmm... dont recall me being so mad tho... i'm an angel! wakakakaka :P anyways.. Merry Christmas!

I seriously have no idea who this wannabe is... but since i'm bored.. so just play along la :D MERRY CHRISTMAS!!