Sunday, December 24, 2006

Many More to Come!

You guys/gals have read bout my popo... now let me tell u bout another elderly woman in my life... my ah ma! (grandmother in hokkien)

She's forever smiling... despite the disagreements shared by her children, the smile on her face never fades. A woman of faith, a prayer warrior. She's got very POWdERFUL eye sight- 84 already but still dont wear specs!! keng le?? Her hands are super soft! Softer than mine!! :( hehehe! And guess wat! i inherited her long toes!! :S 1 day i must snap a pic of our feet :D

I've always wanted to b closer to her... but... it's like we have this wall between us... dont get me wrong, she VERY approachable. (i'm blessed with 2 very understanding old women as my grandmas) But it's just different lo... from wat i have with my popo...

However, sometimes... my heart aches for her... well... she's old... 85 d, considered old lo! :D but she seldoms see all her grandchildren and great grandchildren! Why?? family issues.. all revolving around UNFORGIVENESS!! aihz.. GROWN UPS!!

We feel rejected sometimes or maybe MOST of the time wen ppl dont acknowledge our presence rite?? What about elderly people?? When they reach out to hug their grandchildren, the kid turns around and runs to mummy!! How ouch-ing is that??

So pls! to the younger generation.. aka OUR generation.. pls la.. next time wen u have kids.. make it an effort to build the relationship between ur child n ur parents/ in-laws. I've been VERY blessed to know and to have my grandparents with me as i grew up. AND I MISS THEM!!

*wipes tears* :P

We celebrated my ah ma's birthday last nite!

^The Birthday Girl and me! i think i inherited her fair skin too! :P

eh.. dont mess! my ah ma potential cam whore le! wakakakaka :P

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AH MA!! i pray that she'll have many more healthy and HAPPY years to come and i hope she'll see me get married!! WOOHOO!! oops! *blushes* :P

altho she wont be reading this... but i do hope this will make u think of your grandparents or maybe ur own parents. Christmas is 1 day away... give them a ring or BEST if u could visit them. The best christmas gift 1 can give another is TIME!


mr. Right (i Hope) said...

Seeing you so close with your grandma, makes me kinda envious. How i wish both my grandparents are still around. Loved the smile on your grandma's face =p

btw u can speak hokkien meh ? the term "ah ma" is grandma in hokkien @_@

-dot- said...

aww... err.. i can speak la.. but i wont if i have a choice... :P i think it's the correct term la :D

*i still have no idea who r u*

mr. Right (i Hope) said...

I see.... Hahaha guess it will take a while before u will shoot me =p Happy New Year btw. ^_^

The moment i saw you,
One would say you made my heart melt,
No words can describe you,
You have planted a seed of loe in my heart.

-dot- said...

haha! ur poem doesnt even ryhme! :P but it's a good thing.. it shows authenticity (unless u copied it from a crappy site la :P)

Happy New Year tho!

p.s: i can still shoot ppl with english :P

mr. right (i hope) said...

hahaha , ouch u found my mistake =p and yes i am not good in this kind of thing. Head almost blew up thinking about it =.= Now i think i gotta keep a dictionary next to me when i post ...hahahah