Monday, December 25, 2006

i'm so happy!!

actually i'm dead tired... but guess what?? my mom got this hair curler n straightener set thingy from her client... now... it's MINE!!! muahahahaha!!

and who said teddy bears should come from boyfriends?? (wait.. i think that was me.. oops! *blushes*) Me BESTEST buddy gave me a teddy!! gonna snap a pic of it n post it up ere.. (me cam with me bro now...)

But i think the BEST gift is the gift of HOPE that was given almost 2000 years ago...
Is hope important??
Well... a man doesnt just die when he loses his breath; a man dies when he LOSES HOPE...

What is hope to u?
Have u lost hope in this cold hearted world??

This Gift was given to YOU and i...
I've received mine,
Have YOU?