Monday, January 01, 2007

A Beginning of a New Chapter-2007

while everyone's busy partying away... i had my fair share too!! after church we went to Jay's house for supper n some fun! :D

Now wat's fun without a LITTLE camwhoring?? muahahahahaha!

fan ban (pirated in cantonese) batman and i

What's new year celebration without a LITTLE drinkin?? wakakakakaka!

And LOTS of PIGGIN?? *blushes*

This is one of the MANY moments which i turned around n told the rest i felt STUPID!!! :(

hehehe... despite that.. *blushes* i had lots of fun tonite! i hope u ppl had your share of the new year spirit too! HUGS!


thecw said...

wheee :) my darling so chomels!

-dot- said...

hahaha! my darling's chomels too!! that's y we is PURRFECT match ma! Muaxx!