Monday, January 01, 2007

A Recap of 2006- 1st half

Goodness! there were so many things that i did thru out last year! i'll just let the pics do MOST of the talking la! :P

Went to Malacca for our BabA Nyonya project-Malaysian Studies (LAN)

This was where new friendships started to build. Love ya Girls!! muax!

Wrote & Directed a short clip (for Baba Nyonya project)- It Took a Dream

Did a photoshoot for the Nursing Programme in my college... didnt really like the pics taken... but oh well.. it's just for the fun! :P

Leo Installation!! i'm still wondering why on earth did i get myself into this nonsense?? ME? the secretary?? bah! such a joke!

Halloween party 2006! didnt manage to go but i saw my gals all dwessed up!! they're all grown up!! *teary eyes* wakakakkaka! :P

Christmas partay!! group photo of cell members!! hehe...

So u thot i forgot pics of my own birthday la... wakakakaka! how is that possible?? but i noticed the pics i took for me birthday celebration wasnt that nice.. so shy to post up la.. :P


mr. right (i hope) said...

Eh ? how did u get the pic with me inside ???

-dot- said...

err.. are u even a GUY??

mr. right (i hope) said...

Of course i am ^_^ Do sound like a girl >.< hehe

-dot- said...

well... whoever u are.. unless u are a blogger u cant comment anymore.. so.. ciao!