Monday, January 01, 2007

A Recap of 2006- 2nd half

WAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Can u sense the EVILNESS?? Muahahahahaha!
At our Public Speakin Play. Moi was the EVIL SNOW QUEEN!! MUAHAHAHAHA! :P

This is the WOMAN that bullies me!! hehehe! this is Munirah, my supervisor in SEGi.. remember.. i have to WORK for them for my scholarship?? aihz.... but Mun's very nice! :)

On a mission to bless kids!! but in returned... this BIG baby was blessed instead!! :D

My other darling and I! Celebrated her birthday at the Curve! MuaXx!

At Camerons!! Awesome camp it was! :D

My Darling and I! We were preparing for our CF Christmas Party... but we got bored.. so... Muahahahaha!

Err... these pics are not really in order la.. cuz i kinda forgot which came 1st.. la la la la :P but yea.. these were the special moments i had in 2006!

Thanks to all of you that made them possible! love ya all!! MuaxX!