Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Hills Are ALIVE!!!

muahahahaha! with DOT around... even a STONED hill will come to life!

Presentng... CAMERONS!
This is PART of our convoy.. we had 10 cars and 2 vans that went up.. KENG le?? i is in one of the vans... it was fun FUN FUN!

and a little cam whoring on our way up to camerons :D

peeps in Van 2! sadly couldnt get uncle Eu Jin in the pic.. well.. he was DRIVIN ma!! :P

BOH plantation! say oni 2 km.. ADVENTUROUS ride it was!! :S but once again.. FUN!!

So nice rite?? how i wished i'd have a house on the top of a hill! oh ya... btw.. this is a pic of bungalows at the plantation... it's kinda small.. i tried me best to ZOOOOOM in d.. hehehe! they are really nice.. got the English kinda feel... u know wat i mean?? :P

Cell pic!! From left: enoch, jo and the ever beautiful me!! muahahaha! (it is MY blog afterall! :P)

more pics to come!! but this blogger.. so irritating.. got limit to the pics i can post up!! argh!! n i lazy to get those flickr thingy.. so ya lo.. hehehe!