Thursday, January 04, 2007

History is Made!!!!

Can u all see the content of me pic??? i WON!!! for the very FIRST time!!! Oh ya.. it's called the game of Hearts la.. (i've got a confession to make tho... despite winning this game... i still dont undesrtand this game!! *blushes* so any1 that understands... can pls explain it to me?? hehehe)


~Leez~ said...

you either have to get rid of all the heart cards and the Queen of Spades, or you have to get ALL of them (that makes the other players gain loads of points!) so yeah.

try your hand at Freecell if you want. tis weirder.

or the medium Spider Solitaire.

-dot- said...

haha! thanks!! i pro at medium spider solitare 1... but the difficult level i can die!! wakkkakaka! the freecell 1... aihz.. i dont bother playin again after my 1st try la :D