Friday, January 12, 2007

A Priceless Journey

ok fine... it cost me RM 2... :P

12.00 am this morning... after finding out i wont be goin to 1U afterall... i msged me bestie to ask if she wants to watch Nite At Museum.. (everyone said it was nice so i knew i had to watch it!) and the journey BEGUN! well of course i needed a driver.. to thanks to nick- our ahmad for the day :D ( told Joel i treat my drivers NICE... eh.. i brought nick along for the movie le.. wakakakak! :P)

We were supposed to pick Emily from college at 10.15 n head to pyramid for the 11.50 movie... HOWEVER... i thot of being nice to me wonderful cell leader miss Jo Koo.. by having lunch with her.. (she's in SJMC!!! no... she's not sick.. but she's working there!! as a KULI! <--- *i was just stating wateva u said Jo..* she's working there as a trainee pharmacist la... Anyways.. this is ME blog.. so shud be talkin more about me hoh? :P :P

So yea.. we postponed our movie.. bought the 1410 tickets instead.. walked aimless n not to mention CASHLESSly around pyramid... (bought a SUPER CUTE shirt tho *lalala*) n headed HAPPILY to SJMC! (i was never happier to go to a hospital!! :P)

And ere comes the CLIMAX of me journey!! had lunch at this place called 'Bawang Merah' n guess wat?? it started to RAIN!! (cats n dogs mind u) it was 1345 then.. movie was at 1410!! so HOW???


Nick our hero wannabe wanted to run to his car... which is parked about 300 meters away... n drive to us.. but being... CONSIDERATE... we stopped him. It was a ALL FOR 1 and 1 FOR ALL moment!! so... we went in to 7/11... bought ourselves RAINCOATS!!! u know.. those pathetic- plastic-bag-like-however-life-saving ones?? (will get a pic of it when i'm not as tired la.. :P) And it cost RM 2.00 la.. i put mine on.. (the last time i wore a raincoat was when i was std ONE!! this was my chance!! :D) but jo and the MOST VAIN one- emily didnt wanna feel embarrassed.. so they just spread out the raincoat over themselves... *sad i tell u* oh ya! our hero wannabe wanted to maintain his MANLiness.. he walked in the rain... VAIN! :P

the FUN didnt just end there... we had to run 300 meters to our car.. not to mention cross THREE roads! (see... by that time.. i was euphoric with the whole me-wearing-a-raincoat-at-the-age-of-19 experience... so i wasnt really looking at the cars..) i screamed at me highest pitch.. (cuz i was wearing sandals.. n they were slippery!) and RAN! thank God the cars were pretty slow.. :D

so yea.. went in the car.. made it safely to pyramid, before our movie started! hehe..

~the end~ *how was your day?*


yue said...

you watched without me?=( *smacks dot's head* how can? =( guess i'll jus have to go watch myself then..

haha RAINCOATS! i can so imagine. i've never worn one u know..i'm an umbrella person ;)

-dot- said...

*oops* i'm sowee... i dont mind watching again with u if u cant find some1 else who hasnt watched the movie :D

yes! i will 1 day cam whore with the rain coat :D