Saturday, February 24, 2007

The ADAM's (my brother) Family

The 1st Generation and me! err... my cousin's in the pic cuz i've got some superstitious ppl at home la... they say if there's only 3 ppl in a pic... something bad will happen.. 1 will "break off"
MY QUESTION IS... what if it's a family of THREE?? they gonna carry some stranger's kid? :S

The 3rd generation!! my cousins and i! there's more of us TANs... but my bro and i not very the smart la.. we didnt think of having a COUSIN photo til like... the END of the day.. so... :P

The FOURTH generation!! keng le my family... :D (Co-en's the original Tan)
SO cute rite?? no one asked them to do the kawaii thingy... kids ARE getting smarter these days!