Saturday, February 24, 2007


The Vainess! :P
(preparing for the Dinner...)

The Crowd

The FOOD!!!
These were the biggest scallops (still with their shells) i've ever seen! the orange thingy are supposed to be eggs la... how true?? wo bu chi dao ^^" it's edible tho... :D

Check out the size of the prawn compared to my fork and spoon!! (actually it's just big at its head la... OTAK UDANG! :P)

The FUN!

See... family dinners were usually dull for me.. communications were limited to... "so how's college?" cuz my cousins and i have VERY BIG age gaps...

HOWEVER!!! things got a lil different this time! thanks to my not-so-related relative from S'pore. He brought a game along with him- SNORTA! it was super stressful but yet fun FUN FUN!!!

The Players

L-R Cousin sis No. 1, Cousin bro No. 7, Not-so-related relative, Aunt No.5, My mom, Cousin bro No. 12 (youngest)

~The END~