Wednesday, March 14, 2007

All Shook Up =)

It's dessert frenzy this time around! EARTHQUAKE!!!

hehe... it's a promotion done by Swensen's! see the 2 bowls of ice cream? it's 50% off each bowl... which means u can eat 2 bowls for the price of 1!


muahahahaha! 8 scoops to myself!!! muahahahahaha!

hehehe... that most certainly did not happen cuz i would have exploded if i had to finish the whole bowl of ice cream. N my dad would have snatched the bowl from me! *he loves me* hehe!

This was wat REALLY happened! went there to treat my niece and nephew cuz it's their birthday! (they skipped tuition for ice cream! *oops! shhh!!!*)


pls have a piece of tissue in your hand before scrolling down... cuz u wont wanna flood ur keyboard with ur drool...

Words cant describe them

check out the choc sauce flowing off the MUD PIE! *sinfulicious*

Wat's a girl nite out without some camwhoring :P

Just when u think ppl oni get drunk with alcohol... WATER has the same effect too!