Tuesday, March 13, 2007


:D i'm terrible with directions.. if u know me well... u'll be smilin to urself by now.. *blushes*

last Sat morn, woke up at 9.30 (supposedly 9... but my flesh was weak hence it succumbed to the call of my bed :P) to go to coll and then head off to STEEL RIVER (translation for SG. BESI :P) to send the clothes we collected for the Johor victims (i know we're a lil behind time... but it's the thot that counts rite? :D)

Yue's daddy led us. *thanks uncle!* (cuz i think it was very kind and patient of him to wake up as early for a joy ride with a bunch of DESTINY CHANGERS a.k.a us la :P) ANYWAYS... thanks to not-very-helpful road signs... we made a total of 3 rounds around the industrial area somewhere in the middle of NO WHERE! (yes.. i actually realised that we were going round in circles thanks to the VOIR billboard and AUTO BAVARIA! not bad for a direction blind gal rite? :P)

But it was a fun ride for me.. well..

1. i didnt have to stress bout driving ma.. n i believed i was in GOOD hands (Allie was the driver ;) )

2. altho it was a lil sunny, we had GOOD air-con! n i was smart enuf to wear shorts :D

3. there was a CONSTANT flow of traffic.. so NO jams! :D :D

4. we (i was the only 1 excited over it tho.. *blushes*) discovered something which i tot was CUTE! presenting...
:D it's a lil blur.. cuz it was taken when the car was MOVING! skilled i am :P

And finally! our destination! They actually expect people to notice a small sign like this! ( I had to zoom in despite being next to the sign!) FAIL!

the GANG!

top row from left: Ban Leng, Joel, Zidane

Bottom row from left: Allie, Yue, Moi, Miling

-Good Job peeps! *hugs*

Just in case you all couldnt read the pic of the sign board which i took... the place we went to was a school.. and it has this HUGE compound! very big field.. very green.. kinda made me miss the Cameron retreat *sobb sobbs*