Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Antics :P

my friends will so kill me if they see the title of this post but i'm gonna post it anyways! :P

shooting was cancelled cuz they couldnt get the lighting so... i didnt have to go to college! *yippee* then last nite carol called and said we can get our SPM certs... since i'm free... it's Tour USJ 4 again!

dad was so cute.... he asked me if anyone's fetching me... (my school is literally a STONE's THROW AWAY from my house) so i said no. but me being the ever lazy me *blushes* i asked him "why you ask? you wanna fetch me *notti grin*?" then daddy grinned back and said "no" *pouts* but mom was the best! she asked dad to walk me to school and see that i enter the school safely :D *muahahahaha* guess what happened next? dad got up... walked to the grill and said... "i fetch u there la" MUAHAHAHAHAHA! it was jammed outside my school but dad didnt complain cuz i prewarned him that it will be jammed and he said NEVERMIND! (for the 1st time in history!!! :P)

so back to my antics... i was first to arrive despite leaving my house late... *lalala* (i must seriously work on my time management!) like i've mentioned... SPM cert... (SPM results was like A YEAR ago!!) but anyways it's just a piece of paper la..

ere's a pic of my piece of paper

and this is how a bunch of antics look like :P


thecw said...

ley yeem, carol, pui yee, DARLING, and jowLiee!

alll looking haWter liow :) whakakkaa!

but i love darling the most :P

-dot- said...

aww.... i love you too darling!!! but it's jow lIIe. hehehe! but it's ok! no matter how many mistakes you make, i still love u most! MUAX!

Anonymous said... not in that pic...unfair..tsk tsk...
sux la ..i got coll...issh..cant wait for me desperately fot that cert ar.. =P

-dot- said...

say... u got a name? which antic are you?? :P

Anonymous said...

iisshh...i tot u can feel me..apa macam...carrere

-dot- said...

hahaha! u were my 1st guess.. cuz i know yen dont talk like that :P i didnt know u werent comin... sowee...