Wednesday, March 28, 2007

from this day on...

...i will HATE surveys!!! ish!!!!

my very CHALLENGING lecturer gave us a final project (i aint gonna mention which subject... cuz no point mentioning names la huh? :P) and he mentioned SURVEYS... now all my friends are conducting surveys... so... due to PEER PRESSURE! and KIASU-NESS!! :D i have decided to make my own survey too!

my printer is out of ink since what? the PAST CENTURY?? (n my bro aint refillin it!!!) n i'm not goin to college tomorrow.. so i wont get to print and photpcopy my survey forms!!! ARGH! but none the less... thanks to msn! (for once msn's useful and it didnt fail me!) i sent the forms to my friends and got them to fill in the forms for me :D

with that... i also realised.. that i dont have much guys on my contacts' list!! FAIL! *lalala* well.. got la.. but they're not online... *DOUBLE FAIL!* aihz...

however, i came across something rather amusing... MR CHANG WERN SERN couldnt find the '/' button! so he used a 'y' to tick the boxes! HAHAHAHA! (well... it mite be normal to some of you.. but i found it FUNNY la :P)

and finally, i am very thankful that you guys and girls helped me fill in the forms! *hugs*

7 down... 93 more to go!! *yikes*