Monday, March 26, 2007


it's 12.21 am now and i'm sitting in front of the computer, beside a stand fan waiting for my hair to dry... i'm supposed to be doin my macro econs' assignment... but then i found out that... we DONT HAVE any assignments for the chapter we learnt last week! and NEITHER do we have any quiz on tuesday!!! *woohooooo!!!* so ere i am... BLOGGIN! *teehee*

just came back from a PARTY (in the presence of the Lord of course :P) but i will blog about it later because i forgot to take a pic of the shirt i bought and i'm lazy to go upstairs :P

anyways... (i realise i use this word all the time... but cant help it cuz it's the only word that i can think of that links 1 thing with another thing which commpletely DOES NOT link! arent i a GENIUS?? :P)

see the cup below? and the yellow liquid in it? no... it's not urine... neither is it any new tea from starbucks... it's some BITTER chinese drink!!! *yucks* called 'yong sam sou' -its direct translation will be 'goat heart beard' :D why do i have to drink it? well.. cuz apparently it cleanses the system of me body... so yea... dot.. take a deep breath and GULP! *YUCKS*

As you can see... this is a totally pointless post! hehehe...