Saturday, March 24, 2007


another sleepy-ing day!! but i believed yue would agree with me that we had the sense of accomplishment! :D

woke up at 7.15 to go for my EIGHT AM anthropology class on a SATURDAY!!! ARGH!!! was late again... *blushes* then had QUIZ!!! i knew about it la.. that's why was studying the past few nights... got not bad results for it. but that was about it.. nothing special ever happened/ happens in anthro class... unless some1 farted la... then i would laugh! the lecturer's a bore! anyways.. enough of sad stuffs! now for the fun ones!

we had our community day today in college! boy was the emcee ANNOYING!! he talked non stopped! and it's not like he had the manly kinda voice that will make u go Ga-ga! *FAIL!*

*oops* fun stuffs dot! FUN STUFFS!!!

our in-the-process-of-being-happening Leo Club sold Dunkin Donuts and Float. it was super duper tiring!!! did i mention that we sold FIVE HUNDRED donuts?? from 11am-5pm! our backs were stiffed and my heel hurt! dont even know its cause :( but yes! we sold ALL 500 donuts!!! :D the floats didnt really sell well cause the weather was exceptionally COOLING, it even RAINED! -.-"

the tiredness was in the end rewarded cause our donuts were SOLD OUT and we managed to cover cost and make a profit! =)

didnt get to take our trademark pic cuz sab left early. so we took a whacky pic *teehee*