Friday, March 23, 2007

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Today was really sleepy-ing for me cuz last nite i slept at 3!!! (not that i was partying... i was STUDYING!!! :( ) and i woke up late this morning! was supposed to go to college at 10 for a movie shooting for my sweeties' movie class... (i'm sorry for being late!)

got to college, did my make up (just the eyes la :D) oh ya! i'm acting as a PSYCHOLOGIST!!! my dream profession! HOWEVER!!! the dot has never acted as a professional before! my acting experience...
1. 1 of Gaston's girls singing by the streets in Beauty and the Beast
2. a Japanese evil queen
3. Mrs. Tea Pot in Beauty and the Beast
4. Samantha, a spoilt brat for my LAN project
5. An Evil Queen for my public speaking play

*just in case u didnt realise... out of the 5 times i acted... 3 were evil characters! n the other 2 CARTOON characters! so mana ada PROFESSIONAL le?? *STRESS!!*
and i realised that professionals DO NOT show any signs of disgust neither much facial expressions when they speak to... ANYBODY! (unless their own family & friends la) and i've gotta talk to 5 psychos! DOUBLE STRESS!

u should see the ammount of retakes we had to do just for me to walk professionally into the room *blushes*

but none the less it was FUN! cuz i've got a passion for acting! and since i'm a PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST wannabe... this is a good training ground for me- to look professional and not arrogant *teehee* not easy k! :P

so i really thank my sweeties for including me into their movie! by the way... it's called 6 petals of Rose. it's not my production hence i will not say much about it... u go figure what the storyline's all about la! :P

that was the BEGINNING of my day!!! went home with my Garfield eyes (-.-) and found out something shocking...

my friend Zack got into an accident!! He was cycling and he decided to cross the road behind a bus! (not very smart of him) guess he didnt see the taxi comin... n he got knocked! His skull fractured, his brains bled and he had blood clots in his brains! my heart dropped when i heard the news cuz he was such a young boy!! bout form 2 or 3 only! and i practically saw him grew up! i thank God He answers prayers. the doctor said Zack would be fine after the operation. now he's still in the ICU.

How much time do u have left with you? 1 of the Bond movies was TOMORROW NEVER DIES... yea.. true! but what if YOU die! have u lived your life with no regrets? (i know i lived my TODAY with no regrets! :) ) have u said your 'i Love you's and your 'I'm sorry's? What are you waiting for?

So tell that someone that you love,
just what you're thinking of,
If tomorrow never comes

-Ronan Keating's If Tomorrow Never Comes-

*do keep Zack in your prayers*