Tuesday, March 20, 2007

She knows me =)

cant remember if i blogged bout me being satisfied even for small little things that happen in my daily life... anyways... today i had 1 of those moments that made me know i was the most blessed girl on Earth!

i was bathing and this feeling just came... i felt like eating longan tau fu fah!!!

usually i make them (cuz i understand mommy's very busy :D) but i'm super busy with assignments (which i have managed to finish by the grace & mercy of Him :D :D) and quizzies... so i didnt say anything about it...

went to college... had lots of laughs (that was b4 class started) In class... stoned and flew to Africa while Yue conquered Japan and was at Korea when Sab and i called her; planned for next week's mini picnic in comp class *muahahahahaha* (HEY! at least we paid attention to the lecturer k! :P)

then i went home (thanks girl for sending me home! *hugs*) and i saw some greens in the kitchen!! PANDAN LEAVES!!! (1 of the ingredients used to make the longan tau fu fah!!) Mommy knew wat's on my mind!!

Mommy, this is for you!:
Mommy, you are God sent,
I'd just mumble and you'd know what i meant;
You read me inside out,
You were there whenever i pout.

Misunderstandings we might have,
Sometimes on purpose i turn deaf;
But when all things fail,
Your love remains real.

You gave up your time,
To earn every dime;
To ensure i was fed,
To see all my needs met.

I wanna say thank you,
For simply being you;
I promise i'll listen to you,
Because Mommy, I LOVE YOU!

Today caused me to think... if my mom knew me... what more my Creator? Thank You Lord for givng me an amazing mom!
(now i know what should be in my Mother's Day card ;) )

My mom and i!

(i noticed i posted this pic b4... i also noticed this is the only pic we took since my MANY cam whoring sessions!!! SOMETHING has to be DONE! and something WILL BE done!! ;) )


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