Saturday, March 17, 2007

something tells me i'm into something good =)

... i smiled at the song used by Gardenia's new ad...

wat have i been up to for the pass few days?
answer: Stoning to the fact that i have absolutely NO clue on how to do my computers' assignment!! (somebody pls slap me with notes on how Computer's have Changed the Defense Syetem in the World!)

how was my emotional chart for the pass week?

answer: steadily peaking until mid of the week where it PLUNGED! :( but after hearing a bit of the song.. and finally getting a few articles on the topic of my assignment... i felt a lil better; hence the rise =)

analysis of the 1st part of the grapgh....

the only part i could remember was getting 18/20 for my macro econs :D which is like all smiles for me cuz i have no interest in the subject (it's super boring!) however it's easy to understand la...*teehee*

then y the plunge?

Cuz my midterms does not consist only of Econs! my ethics paper seems to be goin down the drain.. :( and i have a no good antropology lecturer that is so fussy til i believe he cant even remember wat he fusses about which at the end of the day gets us into TROUBLE! *ARGH*


i'm holding on to the prayers i've received since the end of last year til... NOW la... :D

His favor is upon me!! I've seen His hand upon me since the day i started college...

Still remembered my 1st sem when ms Vila made a group of us do LAN and only LAN! and i had ppl tell me that to do LAN when i'm actually on a scholarship for a year is a WASTE of time bla bla bla..

BUT!! it was thru that class that a journey called FRIENDSHIP began! ;) i met...

ppl say pictures paint a thousand words... but i think no need so many la... just 3 words enough d...


and guess what!!! the LAN format changed after our sem! it got HARDER! muahahahaha! *oops* :P

then in our fall sem... we did chemistry... aihz... didnt get A... BUT!!! the format changed after our sem AGAIN! and... it got HARDER!!- they now have to write essays!! and all we had was MCQs and a lil calculations :D (i'm starting to sympathize those that came after us... but u guys can do it k! *hugs*) btw i got a B la.. so not that bad oni.. wakakakakka!

And not forgetting Public Speaking (still the reigning champion for the FUN-nest subject ever in ADP) we made our speeches in normal classroom settings.. but now... they have to do it on the stage!

well... after saying that.. it's undeniable that the standards are now higher.. and the experience others got mite be better...

but WHO CARES! i've been there, done my best and now MOVING ON with HIM leading my way! ;)

so to those that are emo-ing bout the situation u are goin thru now... dont be upset! cause the ones after you mite have a tougher time! *cheeks up!* know that God's in control of EVERYTHING! *hugs*


yue said...

haha. i'm laughing on the inside too! =D that picture looks really sick, oh well, that's why we're ur frens! *michieviously evil and loud* ;) muaks!

-dot- said...

hahaha! that's 3 words too! mischievious, evil and loud! teehee! muaxXie!