Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hot aunt =P

yesterday was my niece- Melanie's birthday (some ppl tell me that the title niece and nephew only applies to the children of your siblings... but coming from a typical chinese family... the whole title thing is VERY important... so somehow la.. i ended up as an aunt at SIX!! anyways...) she's 12 now!

i did a lil math after telling em that...

see... my niece's got a brother- Nicholas... my nephew la... he's turning 13 at the end of this month! =)

and i'm turning 19 this year... so hoh...

15 years down the line...

Nicholas will be 28, Melanie 27 and me... hehe... 34

by then, both of them will most likely be married... and have their own kids RITE???
that means i'll be a GRANDanut!!!

i'll be a HOT grandaunt! muahahahahahahaha!

*this is a friendly reminder: this is MY blog... so i get to SS as much as i want! muahahahahaha! :P