Thursday, March 08, 2007

all smiles! =)

today's a very happeee day for me! :D

exams over!!! i can finally breathe!! (well... for one day la.. cuz got many assignments due soon!! oh well... happy tots dot, happy tots!)

yes! exams... mid terms... aihz.. no eye see! God, I did my part, it's Your turn now :D so readers, wait for my good news k!

but then hoh... can i emofy a lil?? i miss acting!!! i seriously do! i'm now listening to the songs i used for my play... all the sweet memories!! =) me cant stop smiling!!!

oh ya! and i've been excited the whole week... wanna know why??? cuz of STRONGER!! (i kinda lazy to download the flyer... :P) but i believe it's gonna be fun fun FUN!!! (btw, it's a concert by my church la :D) will get some pics k!

i know it's bout time i posted something that rhymes that's happy... considering my previous posts that sounds emo-fied (but just to make things clear... it's good emo k! cuz He loves me! ;) ) HOWEVER, i wrote this 2 days back... and i'm to happy now i cant really gather my tots to write something happi-fying ^^"

ere it is, i call it... I NEED YOU

In the absence of my mind i did a lil math,
What would life be if i didnt follow Your path;
To party all night, sing 'I Did It My Way',
To live a life that has gone astray.

Life without You seemed a bundle of fun,
It wont be as boring as the one's lived by a nun;
Alcohol, boys, to be checked and done,
So what if i'm broke by the end of the month?

As i calculated, the fun was gone,
Life without You = i cant carry on;
Dead ends, stress, hurts and pain,
The 'fun' i had was all in vain.

It's no wonder why You kept calling,
You went on talking even when i wasnt listening;
You were always there knocking on my door,
My sins and shame on the cross You bore.

What took me so long to realise,
What was it that blinded my eyes?
Since the beginning it was You,
This is my confession- I need You!