Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I Love You too! =)

A thousand pieces shattered i was,
I tried to fix me but a piece was lost;
UHU, Elephant and Super Glue,
I tried everything but my days remained blue.

They told me You are a special potter,
You mend hearts and make them feel better;
But i thought to me, I dont deserve Your time,
Why would You mend this heart of mine?

You assured me once, You assured me twice,
That the words of the enemy are nothing more but lies;
I felt a certain burden lifted from me,
As You embraced me and said, "My child be free."

Be free from shattered-ness,
For I have made you whole;
Be free from loneliness,
For I will walk with you till your days of old.

The missing piece was finally found,
My heart was free, i was no longer bound;
My life is now colored, no longer just blue,
I owe this to You, thank You and i love You too! =)


Anonymous said...

*hugs! go, girl.

-dot- said...

huuugs! i think it's about time i wrote something happy hoh? teehee! but it is a happy thing... cuz He loves me! and He love u too! hehehe =)