Thursday, April 12, 2007

Are you ALONE in Life?~

lots of ppl tell me to enjoy my college life... but how can college life be enjoyed let alone to the max when u are ALONE?

there are new challenges and experiences in the life of a college girl... but how can they bring any meaning when they are faced ALONE?

there are most definitly hiccups as 1 journeys thru this race called LIFE... but why bother finishing it when you're running it ALONE?

this is the part where you say...

Siao meh??? the sun would have risen from the West if Dot's that upset! :P

*hehehehe* as i looked at the pics i've posted and the smiles on our faces, i cant help but feel thankful for such great FRIENDS!

I am enjoying my college life...
I am facing challenges and experiences with cheeks high up
I cant run literally on tracks in MPSJ *blushes*... BUT
I am running this race called LIFE! and when i fall...
I've learnt to get up, brush my bruises and CARRY ON!

All these are made possible because of...


The BEST friends one can ever HAVE!

~I know I'm NOT =)


Mike M said...

I'm glad to see you are not going through "it" alone. It also looks like you have a lot of great friends. Every picture is a smile for the person taking the picture. I figure that person is you.

-dot- said...

altho i dont know you, but i agree with you! they are great indeed and i wont trade them for the world!


-dot- said...

btw... may i know how you got my blog?

Anonymous said...

sweeeeetttt sweeeettttt dot dot=) i heart you!


thecw said...

i see me pic!

-dot- said...

i heart you too! *hugs*

-dot- said...

darling! lumz le?? *muax*

jokoo said...

soooooooooo swwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeettttttttt........................................but hey is that a pic of amanda eating??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hehehehe must tell her! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHA


-dot- said...

*teehee* it's taken during our CNY visitation!! got ALL The pics of her piggin! *muahahahaha* we must so do the scrap book of the PIG for her ya!