Thursday, April 12, 2007


*yippee* sushi king didnt black list me from sushi king! hehehe... after all my friends and i did there... i'm surprised i'm still ALLOWED in :P
My family and i went there for ROUND 2!!! hehehe...

Daddy and Bro PIGGIN!
Just when you think this is so LOVES...

OkaY! this is the part where you go...
AWW!!! SO LOVES!!!! :D

Ca..Cant... T..t..Take..It... ANYMORE!!!!

Everybody's tellin me to exercise... so i decided to drag mommy along for a WALK after lunch!!! now i know... exercises are GOOD!!! cuz it gave me NEW SHOES!!! *YIPPEE* (well of course that depends where you walk la! i walked in PYRAMID :P)
*notti grin*