Thursday, April 12, 2007


This week itself we did TWO surprises for our dearies!!
Surprise #1
On Monday was for Chemmy! like i said... with us, the fun never ends!! we had sushi in sushi king... den caused havoc in com class... n now... SURPRISE!! :D

The classic look Chemmy gave when she saw her bf standing at the corner opposite me! *teehee*
(this pic is taken from the video i took.. that's y it looks a bit cacated :P)
We had to stall time cause Ah Yung (Chemmy's bf) was stucked in the jam... Since first we had the TEMBAK Squad... now... i present to you...
The LAGGING SQUAD!!! *oops* i mean the CHEMMY DELAYERS!!
Surprise #2!
hehehe! can i repeat myself? :P like i said... with us, the fun never ends! after the BLAST we had on Sunday, J and Kim planned a surprise for Jo on Tuesday! (her actual bday)
I didnt manage to capture her SURPRISED face cuz i took a video.. n it was super dark cause we off the lights :( but according to the MANY pairs of eyes that saw Jo's expression, it was... CLASSIC!! :D

Jo... say AHHHHHH....