Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Everybody Loves Dot!

hehehe... altho my title sounds a lil siok sendiri-fying... but it's TRUE! and i wanna thank Him for that!

Macro class was at 2 today and we didnt have Anthro class after that so i could go home at 5!!! *yahoo!!* but...
Today, uncle SUNny decided to take a nap at 2pm... n he OVERSLEPT!!! leaving no one to play with baby CLOUDia. So, she called her fren WINDie to come over and play... Meanwhile, THUNDERo was jamming in his room, causing a deafening sound. But that didnt stop LIGHTNING-ben from practicing his dashes. Auntie RAINie was on her way back from another town...

to scrap the lame story... it RAINED la!! it's not the kind of drizzle caused by my ever-so-beautiful singing... this time, it rained CATS and DOGS!

joy n i had to change our plans... no more jalan-jalan in summit and no more soya.. i was STARVING! thank God daddy was at the brigde, i can go home! but the problem is.... how can i get from my coll, into chemmy's car, out of her car, into my dad's car, out of daddy's car and into my house WITHOUT getting wet???? it is I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E!!

But God is ever faithful even when we dont think of Him and i'm ever greatful for Him!!

Daddy called me just before i tried my stunt (to get into Chemmy's car without getting wet) Guess what he said??? well.. he said many things la... but i shall cut it short for you... he said: "i'll come to your college to fetch you la"

can i be a lil dramatic this time?? wait... it's my blog! so y am i asking? :P

when i heard daddy say that... my world didnt just pause... it spinned the other way round!