Saturday, April 07, 2007

GoooD Friday! =)

i know the clock shows that it's saturday now... but i'm not asleep yet! so it's still GOOD FRIDAY! *teehee*

was my Friday really good?
well... woke up very early this morning... went to coll at 9.30, went to com lab to do my assignment, did a shooting which wasnt very fruitful cuz we didnt manage to get all the shots done... then went home... i didnt get to nap cuz i had to count my survey forms and draw graphs... that's NO good...
BUT!! i managed to finish my very annoying assignment!!! and i didnt get a migrane after that! so that's VERY GOOD!!!

i just love the sense of accomplishment after finishing a long assignment! altho this time i'm not confident with my marks... cuz i've got a fickle minded lecturer... but i FINISHED his assignment! and i endured the nonsensical fact that i wasnt taught how to use the APA format... but yet was forced to use it...

so... dear God, i now lift my assignment into Your hands! may You let my lecturer find favor in my paper! In Jesus name i pray, AMEN!

oh ya! i think i mentioned bout posting up the good news bout my results... it was just my mid terms la.. so dont know if can get A for the subject... thus far.. for the papers i sat for in my mid terms...
Macroecons- 18/20
Ethics (which i tot i flopped, but all glory be to Him!!)- 18/20
English- N/A (forgot to ask lect about it... so dunno if she's finished marking :( )

whatever day it maybe, as long as i'm with You, it's a GOOD day!