Monday, April 02, 2007

It's All Coming Back to Me =)

Besides being the Queen of Drama-land and the SS Queen, i shall be the Queen of Procrastination too! *blushes*
it's been almost a month since my anthro lecturer gave us the instructions for our final project... it's due this comin SAT!!! and i'm just starting!!! *sobbs*
first i got my survey form done... which took me like the WHOLE night! cause i'm an ECO FRIENDLY person, i wanna save trees! (i fit 2 survey forms into 1 A4 paper :D keng le?? :P) i've whined about this so i shall move on to my ESSAY report which is 2000-2500 words long!!! SAVE ME!!!

see... when i write... i must FEEEEEL what i'm writing... like so PRO only rite?? (actually i consider myself quite pro la... *wakakakaka* i can sense some friends of mine shouting "STAB ME" right about... NOW! *teehee*) so yea... my essays must be bang bang all the way! if not i will correct it again and again..

for this particular essay... which is an open topic and i have decided to write on Utilitarianism... (i cant seem to link utilitarianism and happiness *altho the 2 ARE LINKED* and make it sound cultural cause Utilitarianism is a topic discussed in ETHICS!)

it took me like 3 days to figure how to connect the two... make it sound cultural... n BANG all the way... BUT... my brains werent exactly functioning!! *how irritating* it got me so frustrated that i couldnt even smile! (no one noticed cuz i am at home but i felt terrible) it was as if i lost my touch! :( upset.. i went upstairs...

somehow, i decided to just go with HAPPINESS cause my survey was about happiness =) and happiness is an emotion of HUMANS; cultural anthropology is a study of HUMAN beings (see the connection? :D)

Now altho i'm not done with my essay... cuz i just found out the solution like half an hour ago... but at least i'm on track! and i can feel the passion coming back into my essay! (altho i didnt really pray for the inspiration, but i know You were there giving me the ideas; thank You!)

60 down, 40 more to go
and a whole essay coming up! =)