Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday Blues?

Woke up at 9 today (my usual record is 9.30 and class is at 10! *oops*) had a slight headache cause i slept at 3 last nite!! (got too carried away writing my essay :P) bathed and got ready for college, went downstairs and i saw MANY mugs filled with yellow liquid!!! i was like "NOT AGAIN???" but since i didnt sleep well.. n the drink helps soothe the body... i obediently took the bottle which was for me n said "thanks mom!" BUT!!! before closing the bottle tight (it was still steaming when i took the bottle) i sniffed something SWEET!!! it wasnt the bitter goat heart beard tea!!! it was CANE!!! one of my favs! *yahoo!!* then my mom slumberly said... "i also didnt say that it was the bitter tea... (hmm... my mommy is getting naughtier!!! ><)

I was ON TIME for class! *muahahahaha*

English class was light and easy today, we had to search for idioms. the process was AS EASY AS PIE (an idiom joy and i found today.. it means EASY!) thanks to TECHNOLOGY!!! :D

Lunch was a mistake... had Wrapz... NOT FILLING 1!!! :( yue n i were curling up in com class cuz we were HUNGRY!! (we underestimated our stomachs! :D)

After lunch was suit up time into Dr. Grey for the shooting! shooting was smooth today altho we couldnt get the lightings... (if we have to do today's scenes again... Mr VJ is gonna PAY! *muahahahaha*)

in the midst of changing scenes... CAM WHORE TIME! :P

Have you watch Sailormoon? it was a hit when i was in primary school... so yea... this is Elaine trying to live her dream as Chibbimoon!


Apparently Dr. Grey has a fetish for dummies :P

After shooting was the ever dreadful Computer Class!!! *boohoo* so to reduce our pain... it's ANOTHER cam whore session! (during breaks la of course... we are good students k! :P)

-Do not comment- :P

lecturer: computers have change the world...bla bla bla...
our interpretation: lullaby and good nite... my baby(s) sleep tight...

Feed them at your OWN RISK!

Smile your blues AWAY! =)

So was my Monday Blue??


yue said...

gosh. dr.grey is a psycho herself! aaaahhh! and to think that i'm being treated by her =.=

the sleepy pic of us is jus hideous. haha=P


-dot- said...

haha! *oopsie* guess we've gotta work on our SLEEPIN BEAUTY(S) pose then.. *teehee*

dr.grey: i'm no psycho
dot: i like peanuts
dorothy: me happy now
dr.grey: i'm not happy! how can my patient call me a psycho?
dot: the sky is blue (it's a small world after all :P)
dorothy: THE END!

hahaha! this is what happens when u spend 2 whole days doin 1 pathetic assignment! he better give me good marks man!!!