Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Shout Out!

2 days ago and yesterday were the birthdays of my sweeties! and someone special so this post goes to the THREE of you!
on the 23rd of April 1988, my KAWAN was BORN!
thanks kawan for being there for me and givin me advice when i needed them most! and thanks too for being my walking bible dictionary! :D

Then, the next day, on the 24th of April 1988, my DARLING was born!!! =)
Thanks darling for loving me!! i LOVEEEE YOU!!!

On the same day and month, but of course on a different year... :P my bestie's mom was BORN! altho she wont be reading this, but... i thank you auntie for givin birth to Emily!!

Once more to all my birthday girls...
BLESSED BIRTHDAY!! and may all your prayers come true!! *MUAX*

p/s: KAWAN AND DARLING!!! aiyo! we must so cam whore again le! look at the pics i have with you 2!! they were taken when i still had HAIR!! *wakakakaka* oops! :P it's a date ya! WE MUST CAM WHORE!! :D *hugs*


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hehehe! love ya darling!