Wednesday, April 25, 2007


In about less than 10 hours, will be the Premier of... *drum rolls*

err... actually tomorrow will be the ONLY time 6 Petals of Rose will be hitting the screens la.. and not some GSC or TGV screen... but the PATHETIC screen of SCSJ's THEATER HALL!!! WOOHOOO!!!! aihz.... :P

but since it's a production of my sweeties- sab n yue... and i'm IN IT! (i'm tryin to ignore the fact that the BUDAK TAK GUNA KC did NOT put my face in the poster!!! his excuse? "we should have took a pic with you in it..." well... LIKE DUH!!!! but NO.... no one would wanna listen to the DOT!!! HMPH! breathe Dot breathe!!!) i shall go support them! :D

i'm not sure on how the production will be like... cause i didnt exactly like my own acting in this movie... for the same reason... it's just NOT me! :P but i still wish it the BEST!! =)


Anonymous said...

thanks for the lovely support!!! nobody is perfect;) is all about taking EXPERIENCE in the beginning of our life so no worry there is more CHANCES if your have one then go AGAIN! coz i noe u can act better then that...bout the photo haiz..forget bout it=)


-dot- said...

haha! technically wern sern and ah ma say my acting suited the character... *wakakaka* but i still prefer acting as an EVIL character la... more ME! *oops* so next time got anymore acting thingies remember me k! *hugs*