Thursday, April 26, 2007

Untouched =P

It's been 6 months since we the Fairytale Makers did our magic!

Yue, me, Yas and Haritha takin our bow :D

today as Joy and i sat at the very same hall where MAGIC took place... reminiscence of the good ol' days were just SWEEEEEEEEEET!

We stayed back in college for the Public Speakin Play of the students of the Spring Sem. here is the brief review for those of you that didnt make it la =)

Publicity: *oops*

Storyline: *oops* both groups left the audience hanging... joy and i were like... "that's it?"

Lighting: *oops*

Props: *oops*

Coordination: *oops*

Script: Group 1 (G1)--> *oops* G2--> *smiles* was better because their lines seemed very much impromptu and they had more pervasive jokes which made the crowd laugh

Characters: G1--> *oops* mainly cause the group members were rather soft spoken and they weren't exactly into character... G2--> *smiles* Amu (however his name is spelled :P) was THE MAN!!! he acted as a she-male that was hitting on EVERY guy in the play, dressed in Sari and a real bra! He was the BOMB of the play! the rest played their parts well too... guess they were just being themselves la :P *G2 had an advantage of having more seniors and more outspoken ppl in their group. Hence the ability to perform better =)

Crowd: *oops* this time around... for the lecturers' side only Ms Padma and Ms Yusnita showed up... and that's for the 2nd play... no sign of parents... the crowd wasnt dead... but neither were they supportive! some jeered at the play, making fun of it! i think it's very childish of them to do so... i mean if u are a spectator, just watch and appreciate it! if it's funny then cheer along... but dont ask stupid questions and give lame comments!

i guess that's about it la... so...

overall: i would say... that the BENCHMARK was left UNTOUCHED :P