Friday, April 27, 2007

Love and Pain

no... this aint about "Love Hurts"... this is about feeling Loved and Pain on the same day!

Mommy made spaghetti FINALLY!! it's been ages since i last ate spaghetti and so i bugged my mom about it for the past week! :P
Mommy also made white fungus herbal tea!! (the chinese name sounds better la :P) it's shweeeeet!

Pain!! :(
i have no idea why... i woke up with scratches on my left arm... it's at the joint part!! (which i dunno or forgot what it's called *blushes*) only found out when i was brushing my teeth... the water dripped down my arm and... PEDIH!!!!
and 1 more thing... i had this weird dream... was kinda upset about it. Usually i can tell myself that i'm dreaming... but this time... it seemed so real! This is 1 dream that i wish WONT come true =/