Friday, April 27, 2007

Add ons to UNTOUCHED :P

aik! i forgot to write bout the storyline for both plays...
so ere they are!

Group 1 (Felix's group)
They did a Fairytale sort of thing about Romeo and Juliet with 4 Disney princesses as bitchy girls which were also in love with Romeo... The father of Juliet, some King... wanted to search for his daughter a prince to wed her... then came Juliet's evil uncle that wants to marry her. (i have no idea why... but Juliet was upset bout the idea of marryin her evil uncle even when her DAD-the king did NOT promise to wed Juliet to her uncle -.-) anyways... in tears.. Juliet ran out into the garden or someplace la.. it was there that she met Romeo... it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!

Romeo and his mom went to propose to the King, however, he refused. The King had already chosen Prince Charming to be Juliet's fiancee.

Meanwhile the B girls got envious towards Juliet. Hence, they went to the Witchdoctor to get a spell cast upon Romeo that he may fall in love with either one of them instead of Juliet.

Juliet on the other hand had no love for Prince Charming for her heart was already stolen by Romeo. But evil Charming wanted to marry Juliet so he can inherit her father's kingdom. So he decided to bring her for clubbing and spike her drink!! Thank goodness Romeo came to Juliet's rescue.

And for saving his daughter's life and dignity, the King gave Romeo Juliet's hand in marriage. (see... it would have been a perfect fairytale despite the not so good acting IF the story ended here with a "AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER" but no... they decided to give it a twist! -.-")

The Witchdoctor's spell finally worked! After the night of their wedding, Romeo woke up to find a different Juliet. Juliet couldnt believe what Romeo was saying so she went to the mirror and her heart broke when she saw herself now... JOE-liet (a man la)

-the end- (The ending was somehow just... too soft... it didnt leave any impression on me... the whole play was scattered and messed up... so i was kinda disappointed)

Now for Group 2 (Wern Sern's group)
The story was about a group of students from all over the world, coming together to learn English. Conflicts arose when the different cultures started to clash. The Indians werent happy with the Pakistans, vice versa..

There was a she-male that was constantly hitting on the male students and the lecturer...

1 of the students was obssessed with women and porn... he flirted with every girl in the class...
at the end of the day... he even had a great time with the she-male... *yucks*

I guess the climax was the Ball they had... there were 2 groups of dancers, the traditional bengali group and the Hip Hop group. Both were competing against each other till the lecturer had to give them a pep talk to break them up and get them to reconcile.
Everyone went into pairs, they danced and one guy confessed his love for a fellow student (a girl la)

-the end- i think this ending was even more disappointing cause the beginning of the play was good. It was humorous, the crowd was havin fun, i was havin fun! I guess i expected for a bang... well who wouldnt? but sadly, the ending just led the crowd to no where... :(