Thursday, May 03, 2007

Baby Come Back!

*oops* baby's back already!

I missed my baby badly, life just wasnt the same without my baby! I'll never let you go again!

Baby's whispering into my ear again...
I could hold my baby in my arms now...
When i go to bed, baby's back by my side...

*all loves* <3

-.- where got so many babies to go around?? :P
my HANDPHONE's back!! so to those of you that miss me soO much.. you can call me or msg me! :D
(these small fonts were done on purpose so you all will read the nonsense i wrote before goin to the point *wakakakakaka*)

Speaking of "Baby Come Back"... i've got this very wu liao idea of a rendition for the song :D so to all my sweeties... esp my SCB's!!! if you all interested in hearing me out and making my wu liao-ness come true let me know k! then i shall share my wu liao-ness with you all! :P