Friday, May 04, 2007

Your Eyes...

exams are OVER!!! well at least for this term,
wait a minute, it's REALLY the END of the term;
i tried but i can't seem to shout hooray,
cause i wont be seeing my sweeties, not until the end of May...

So this i dedicate to all my sweeties,
With this i attach a note , "Please don't miss me" :P
But nonetheless i'll miss your company,
For the next 3 weeks i'll be MS. LONELY!!! *wails till the house vibrates*


Laughters and joy we shared together,
You cheered me on so i could go further;
I'll never trade you for any other,
You're the best, you're like my sister.

Your hair, your nose, your mouth and your toes,
The window to your heart are none of those;
It's in your eyes that i see the light,
From your heart it shines through my darkest night.

It was your eyes that cried with me,
They too shed tears of glee;
Big eyes, small eyes, none can compare to your eyes,
For it's comfort i find in your warm brown eyes.

We hugged each other and said our goodbyes,
I saw tear drops forming in your eyes;
It was that moment that i realise,
I've found the true meaning of friendship, it's written in YOUR EYES.

Happy Holidays Sweeties! =)


sabrina=) said...

hey dear, its a very sweet one=) i've print out plan to paste it in my room=) love ya...hugs.

-dot- said...

hehehe! glad u like it! *muax*

yue said...

i'll be missing you too! muaxies!

-dot- said...

it's ok dot... 3 weeks only... after that... we all can siao together again! dont cry dot.. DONT cry!

hehehe.. no worries, i aint goin nuts :D