Monday, May 21, 2007


abandoned my blog for 2 whole days last week cause i was BUSY!!! it's a happy busy :D

after half days work on thurs, i took leave to go SHOPPIN!!! *muahahaha* (eh! it wasnt fr myself k... i did it for many other ppl :P)

went for lunch with karen and gwen and su and aunty karen and felicia and baby ranee and her maid at PICCADILLY (i tried to remember how they spelled their name... but after 5 days... i kinda forgot la :P)

then.. it was SHOPPIN!! :D manda and 1 went to Jaya to get pins from Glad Sounds for our guests on F.A.B... but ar... we did a lil math... and realised.. it'll cost us a BOMB! so we scraped that idea after consulting karen... then we tried looking for other stuffs... *la di la da* finally we decided we couldnt buy anything for the guests... cause estimating the number of them (80++)... we cant buy anything that cost more than RM 1 each.. neither can we buy anything cheaper than RM 1 cause they mite just throw the gift away :( so we did blessed draw shoppin instead :D

cold storage's a fun place to shop for snacks cause they've got all the CUTE stuffs u can get! (but that's if u dont mind the price tags la... *lalala*)

took us bout 3 hours before we headed back to church to WRAPZ! now the entire wrappin crew knows that Leonardo DOT Vinci cant wrap! :( but that's NOT true! i can wrap gifts! i just kinda lost my touch *sobb sobb* and i'm pretty slow-mo-ed when it comes to art and craft...

then it was JAM-ME-HOME! *aihz...* the result of too many cars + too lil roads + too lil smart town planners (or whatever u call those ppl that decides how many roads to make)

Met up with my sweeties! surprised dearie yue mei... ALONE! cause sab was stucked in our poor public transportation system! (pictures will be posted up when my internet connection at home decides to come to its senses and WORK! *argh* another reason y i didnt update my blog the past 2 days...)

anyways... ere's a shout out to my sweetie YUE MEI!

LUNCH! went to taipan with Yue to this shop opposite of burger king.. the food was not bad.. a lil too salty tho.. but with a hungry stomach and anything served hot and savoury will do for dot la.. :P (now we've got another lunch place after classes in the future! :D)
Are you F.A.B enough?
after that i went home to crash cause i needed all the rest i could get before MAMAKING!!! anchoring games for the night for 200 ppl aint no easy task! but i wanna give another shout out to BEN AND CHRISTINA for standing by me...
(the throwin ur ego out the window and be a clown wasnt a challenge to me.. cause i'm used to doin that.. even when it's unintentionally.. teehee! *blushes*) but it is thru this that i really se the importance of TEAMWORK! and being on ur toes cause plans can CHANGE!!
one thing tat i hope all of us YOUNG ppl can learn... when u go to an event... PARTICIPATE and have FUN! cause whatever event it maybe, it's YOU that will make it a fun and memorable 1! pls dont just sit there and stone and then later complain that *yerr.. the emcee so lame la... or... *yerr the games so wu liao la... (of course i didnt hear of any complains la... if i did, i would have executed karen's idea, to lock them up in the store room and let the mosquitoes FEAST! *muahahaha :P)
DBKL in action!
hehe... the teh tarik game made a mess at the canopy area cause some jokers we had didnt know how to tarik teh! Daniel was one of them... (the instruction was that the empty cup must be around their stomach level.. and the cup with the tea must be tarik-ed till above their heads...) but ar... he and some others... so genius... go pour the teh from above their heads... so guess what?? they SPILLED tea all over the place lo... aihz... but it was fun watching them do that (at that moment, cleaning up was secondary; it's all about having FUN! :D)
oh ya! i forgot to mention prep part for the nite! while all the LAM YANS were carrying tables and chairs, the LUI YANS we squeezing lime! the BIG ones! hard stuffs le! but i had a good time juicing them. now my fingers ber-muscles! :D
and yes, before all the work started... we reached church at 6 to do the prep work... it was then that I GOT KNOCKED BY A CAR door!!!
*Teehee* the expression that i got from most of the ppl i told this to was o.o --> OOO but this shows how much u guys care for me!!! so loves! :D (well of course i got my -.- after saying the word DOOR la... *teehee*) eh! altho it was only the door... it hit right on my hip bone... and u know me la.. all skin and bones... so.. now got 1 big blue black on my left hip! (leez, it aint the size of a 10 cent k.. it's at least a 20 cent! :P) pics will be posted up soon :D
felt soO happy to finally get to shower after 6 hours of feelin like sticky tape! then ZZZ!!!
was tossing and turning on bed... maybe cause my brains were still excited over the whole event... even after it was over... :D woke up and saw that it was only EIGHT!!! told myself: "SLEEP LA YOU! IT'S A SATURDAY! the only time you can sleep a lil longer! you are tired! so SLEEP!" but sadly.. i didnt get to convince myself... then popo woke up.. so i chit chatted with her, told her bout F.A.B and then she left the room... and wat do u know... i K.O-ed! the 2nd time i got up.... the clock showed 1 PM!!! :D (but then i missed ugly betty.. AGAIN! :( ) then manda called, and at 3, we went to church!
ring riNG...
called up the guests we had on F.A.B. 1 of them was korean... so me being me... tryin to connect.. i spoke in korean lo... said an-yong-ha-sae-yo (however u spell it) then i continued to introduce myself in english la.. cause that was the only korean word i could speak besides o-pah, saranghaeyo! (but that was obviously NOT the smartest thing to say... unless i was positive that he looks like Won Bin :P) and... he replied and spoke to me all the way in KOREAN! i was like... and i did the next best thing! he sounded sleepy.... so i said.. "i guess u are still sleepy... i'll let u sleep and call u back later!" aihz... *blushes* but i didnt call back la.. cause after that was...
How to be Debt-Free!
it's kinda shocking to find out that lots of young adults are declared bancrupt cause they have loads of unpaid credit card bills!
so.. note to readers: Unless u are very self disciplined, use CASH! or a debit card ;)
Ooh La LA! we went to SS2 Murni for dinner... the place was the definition of "people mountain people sea!" thank God we got ourselves a table! sat down, ordered and the food came... *MUAHAHAHAHA* i have to say, for a place that looks like some regular mamak place... with an exceptionally big crowd... the place served GOOOOOOOD food!!! we ordered different stuffs, i ordered my fav, CARBONARA.. with fingers crossed, hoping that it will taste nice... and wat do u know! it was YUMMY! even their nes-lo was tasty :D
the best part was the bill! for the things that i ordered, give the price a wild guess... u sure u got the correct answer???
it was only rm 8!!! *wakakakakkaka* me likeee the place :D
note to readers: never ever think that Sunday services are just another service, cause God moves in MANY ways!
ps Julie felt the Spirit move and she turned the service round to ALL WORSHIP! we had a fantabulous time worshippin in His presence. Hands were lifted, tears were streaming, i was in awe til i didnt even realise that it was time to end the service!
i once thot that all worship in heaven would be rather boring... but the glimpse i had of what worship is really like in heaven totally changed my mind =) i bet by then, i can play ANY instrument that i've ever dreamt of! and i will dance before Him and not be afraid of twisting my muscles :D
Take me there dear Lord, take me to where I belong =)


sabrina said...

hey~the place that u mention Murni I know where izzit the food there *thumbs up*!whahahaha~ anyway take care your 20cent bruise! miss ya muaxxX

-dot- said...

good rite the food! :D will so go there again! *teehee* my 20cent bruise from purple to brown now GREEN d! it's gettin better! but now i walk in my office must becareful la.. cause i think i will just cry if i were to hit any of the cupboards! :S

hehe! miss ya too! MUAX!