Monday, May 21, 2007


so close... TOO CLOSE!

i was this close to shouting out the other word for a female dog in my office when i read what u wrote!!! never in my life was i this close to saying it out loud!

cant... breathe!

haha! the irony... the song that's playing on my mp3 now is BREAKING MY HEART by MLTR!!

What on Earth have i done to deserve this??

i know! this is what you get for NOT listening to the people that REALLY LOVE you!

after catching my breath... i realised how terrible i can be being affected by rage!
but i aint givin the devil a foothold of me!

i need a break from you, it's for the better. Cause the temptation of being mean is just so great that i have decided to FLEE from you! so if u have some sense and know who you are, LEAVE ME ALONE!