Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Dot's goin International!

check this out!

My Hips Dont Lie-->  2006.08.16
... of me la (he always say i'm an impulsiv e buyer ><) Oh ya... did i mention that we took bus, KTM n den LRT to get to MV?? wah!! all the public transportations in the world man!! Thanks to Sab we didnt get lost. To those of you that... http://dorothytaneileen.blogspot.com/

this is copied from a korean web page called:
not only this...
some French person added me on msn...
i'm also on the Germany Google page! (whatever u call it :P)
as happening as it may seem... i'm kinda freaked out.. having so many unknown ppl reading me... *yikes*
but then again... i think there's no need of being paranoid... cause no one's stalking me :P